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What does "above NEMA" mean when it comes to electric motors?

Take advantage of HECO's 61 years of experience and learn why it is critical to understand NEMA standards.

Go to HECO's Helpful Resources and learn the following about "above NEMA":
  • What does NEMA stand for?
  • So..what is "above NEMA" all about?
  • How to shop and prepare for NEMA motor purchase?
  • What specifications do I need when purchasing an "above NEMA" electric motor?
  • How much should an "above NEMA" motor cost?
  • Is purchasing a "above NEMA" surplus electric motor a good option?

HECO has lots more information about above NEMA in Helpful Articles resource and also our blog, Here You Go.  Simply go to our Home Page and type in "above NEMA" in the search field in the middle of the page...where is says, "What are you looking for?"